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"SweeTS -delicious TypoScript Development", developed by Eckhard M. Jäger, was the first real development application for TYPO3 und Typoscript. "SweeTS" offers many features for a rapid and secure TypoScript developement. SweeTS is not yet totally independent from operating systems and does not offer all interfaces that an enterprise development tool needs.
With the DEV3 project we answer the call of many developers to make all ideas and possibilities of "SweeTS" available on an Eclipse system. Together with the FLOW3DE-Projekt we want to create not only an open source solution for the whole TYPO3/ TypoScript and PHP developement that is independent of operating systems, we want to create a solution for the upcoming and modern framework FLOW3. too. We will develop DEV3 on the base of the PHP Developer Tools (PDT) which can easily supplemented by the Aptana-Studio.

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